Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Pics From The Park

The Fam, plus a smiley Jason. Can you guess which of our kids he hit it off best with? I'll give you a hint: his initials are B. E. N.

Here's Emma, our 15-year-old second-oldest. She's officially a sophomore now, and will begin Driver's Ed. in summer school next week. Then she can make the late-night runs to 7-11 for "Two Old, Cold Men." *wink*

James, one of our 9-year-old twins. I'm not quite sure if this is a "I really don't want my picture taken" grimace, or a case of "I'm trying to smile, but the sun's in my eyes." Or maybe some of both.

And finally, Ben, our very smiley 5-year-old. He's always happy to "Say 'cheese'."


Hind's Feet said...

Two old, cold men??

EmmaLemma said...

Ben & Jerry's ice cream. My idea. It was so the kids didn't know what we were talking