Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Birthday Boy

Five years ago, at 12:43pm, on a Sunday just like today, Benjamin Thomas came into this world and into our family. It was our first home-birth-- fast, incredibly intense, but blessedly problem-free. He has been a little fireball ever since, an imaginitive, outgoing, snuggly, Smiley Jones. His brother's best pal, his little sister's favorite Protector. Always ready for a game of swashbuckling pirates or cowboys and Indians. My little Sunshine, my Benjy Bear. We love you, Mr. Boy!

These are a few of Ben's favorite things:

favorite color: blue
favorite Bible story: Moses in the bullrushes
favorite number: five (of course)
favorite song: "Mystery Lifeguard"
favorite toy: scooter
favorite stuffed animal: his puppy, Jerry
favorite food: mac and cheese
favorite book: Cowboy Sam
favorite item of clothing: "I love my camouflage vest"
favorite dessert: Oreo cake
favorite imaginary friend: Jacob
favorite outside activity: trampoline

favorite game: The Night Game, in which James, Maggie and Ben gather just before bed, on James' (top) bunk, and take turns putting on plays for each other.
favorite vacation: camping at Lopez Lake
favorite thing to do with Dad: play football
favorite thing about Jesus: "He made all of us"

He's a pretty cool kid, if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dirty Happy Baby

I tried making the pic smaller, but then you couldn't see all the dirt on my happy baby.
*Winsome mamas let their babies get dirty.*